Democracy and Conflict

.:: Democracy and Conflict: The West's Push For Global Democracy ::.

Democratic Peace
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Democracy and Conflict, The West Push for Global Democracy.

              Answering the questions of does democracy prevent conflict, why does democracy work for some countries and fails for others, and should the West continue to persuade other countries to be democratic? Analyzing the historical democratic expansion, its benefits and its costs.

1st Body Paragraphs
             What is the definition of democracy? What are some different forms of democracies in the world that have become failed states? Why did these states fail?

2nd Body paragraphs
              Does Democracy improve human rights. List of countries which are democratic that have poor human right's. What differs from the U.S. democracy in those countries?

Conclusion points
              To prevent conflicts in great magnitude, it is logical to prevent totalitarian governments who are more prone to war than democracies are. However, democracy is not the way to go for every country.There are certain obstacles a country faces when attempting to start democracy in a developing world. Majority rule without minority rights is no different than a hegemonic dictatorship.

  .:: By Thomas Woodfin